Who we help

UControlDrink is designed to assist addiction therapists working to support their clients to reduce their alcohol consumption and lead a happier healthier lifestyle. It can be used to support clients experiencing any level of alcohol misuse. The platform’s many recovery oriented tools work in tandem to provide a powerful vehicle for change to provide benefits for both clients and therapists. Amongst other features is the capability for clients to set drink reduction targets, log their progress toward those targets, and for therapists to monitor this progress in real-time.
A significant amount of therapy is also delivered via the app, thus reducing therapist-client contact hours. For healthcare organisations, the ability to collate outcome data at multiple levels facilitates service audits and evaluations and provides a basis for enhanced supervision of therapists. The platform’s functionality is designed to be highly intuitive and can be used by therapists of all levels of training and qualification additionally reducing the organisational training burden.