How the programme works

Welcome to U Control Drink: It is a way to help your clients manage their drinking and if necessary eliminate it altogether. Using our scientifically proven techniques, we will show your clients how to have a healthier happier life. U Control Drink is an app which can be downloaded onto your clients smartphone making it accessible at all times, day or night.

Register your client’s details=

Get your client’s AUDIT score

Complete the 6-step profile

Client installs and begins programme

Monitor and control drinking patterns

The first step is to ask your client to take the online AUDIT test, which will give you their total AUDIT score. You can then register your client’s basic details and  complete the 6-step personalised drinking profile. Your client will then be ready to download the U Control Drink app and start using UControlDrink right away.

U Control Drink Dashboard

Easily track your clients’ alcohol intake, recovery activities and achievements using the Clinician dashboard

Register your client

Track Drinking

Your client can track their drinking using a daily drink log

Support Sessions

Complete the 12 support sessions to learn to live a happier healthier life.

Identify Triggers

What are the factors or circumstances which create the desire to drink?

Daily Supportive Texts

The daily messages offer support in recovery and change according to progress.

Set Targets

Set tangible and achievable goals to reduce drinking and change lifestyle.


Monitor progress with a dashboard of key targets and achievements.